Instructor:  Prof. Laura Pavon Aramburu
Office hours: Mon. and Wed. by appointment.
Class Time: Wednesdays 2.15-3.30PM. Zoom recurrent meeting.
Read/download full syllabus PDF here.

Course Overview and Description:

3 hours; 3 credits. Latina feminist tradition of testimonios, autobiographical narratives, short-stories, poems, and oral histories to reveal the complexity of Chicana/Latina identity. The connection between life experience and new knowledge creation. Theorize Latinidades at the intersection of racism, sexism and heterosexism. Re-think feminism, women and gender studies; Latin@, American and cultural studies. Students will create their own digital life stories. This course is the same as Women’s and Gender Studies 3152 and American Studies 3310. 

Course Requirements:

Checklistof necessary items to pass the course

– Attendance & Participation – 20% – : You are expected to attend & participate in class on Wednesdays. Punctuality is also important. Given the challenges of learning and teaching on Zoom, having as many people as possible with their videos generates a more favorable and engaging atmosphere. That being said, what counts as participation can vary from reacting on the chat, speaking in class or asking questions to open class discussions when scheduled*.

Opening class discussions – 10% – : Every week different students will bring a one- sentence long testimonio quote (press, media, literary, video or real life conversational fragments) to class, as well as explain their choice. *We’ll follow a calendar.

– Digital Life Story & Final Draft – 40% – : Writing a life story is the major project of the course. Individual posts of your life story will be posted on your Tumblr page. However, you will collect these posts later as a single literary project, to be submitted at the end of the semester.*

– Tumblr Post of a Reading 15%: In addition to the life story blogging activity, students will create one other Tumblr blog post centered on the main course reading of your choosing. You can find the main course readings listed here. All posts on Tumblr must follow this set of criteria:

  • Written as a personal account
  • Blogging essentials
  • First person singular 
  • Conversational tone
  • Use of Hyperlinks to other references
  • Audiovisual content / Images / Art / Music related to the narration

– Reacting to Other Student’s Life Stories 15%: Students are expected to react to at least 10 of their classmate’s posts.

Important Information Related to College Policies:

Statement on Academic Integrity:

The faculty and administration of Brooklyn College support an environment free from cheating and plagiarism. Each student is responsible for being aware of what constitutes cheating and plagiarism and for avoiding both. The complete text of the CUNY Academic Integrity Policy and the Brooklyn College procedure for policy implementation can be found at If a faculty member suspects a violation of academic integrity and, upon investigation, confirms that violation, or if the student admits the violation, the faculty member MUST report the violation.  

Statement from the Center for Student Disability Services:

In order to receive disability-related academic accommodations students must first be registered with the Center for Student Disability Services. Students who have a documented disability or suspect they may have a disability are invited to set up an appointment with the Director of the Center for Student Disability Services, Ms. Valerie Stewart-Lovell at (718) 951-5538. If you have already registered with the Center for Student Disability Services, please provide your professor with the course accommodation form and discuss your specific accommodation with him/her.

 Non-attendance Due to Religious Beliefs:

The New York State Education Law provides that no student shall be expelled or refused admission to an institution of higher education because he or she is unable to attend classes or participate in examinations or study or work requirements on any particular day or days because of religious beliefs.  Students who are unable to attend classes on a particular day or days because of religious beliefs will be excused from any examination or study or work requirements. Faculty must make good-faith efforts to provide students absent from class because of religious beliefs equivalent opportunities to make up for the work missed; no additional fees may be charged for this consideration. 

To learn about the Student bereavement policy visit.

Course Site Information:

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